Tips on removing decals from glass

Vinyl decals are primarily designed to stick to the glass while maintaining their hold for some time. But unfortunately, this implies that their removal can be a daunting task apart from being time-consuming. Removing the decals aggressively can also damage the window. With the appropriate products and methods, you can effortlessly remove the decals and any adhesive residue without damaging your glass. Printmoz out of Temecula, CA offers custom stickers. Follow the steps below:

Get rid of scrapes

When a driver wants to remove decals or a car sticker off their glass, they grab their keys and then scrape off the sticky paper. This is a terrible method to remove stickers because it scratches the glass. Secondly, it helps to peel off the paper but does not quite get rid of the glue on your window.

Other objects most people tend to utilize in removing decals include shaving razors and screwdrivers. Not only does the method seem absurd, but think of the damage the materials can cause if you use them to scratch off stickers. While other users on the internet may recommend using the mentioned objects, it does not imply that they actually know what they mean.

Spray water on the surface

After getting rid of the precarious tools, you can get a spray bottle and then spray the area that has decals with water. You can also wash the car and go straight from there. The way the water works is that it softens the stickers enough to assist you in adding other products that handle the remaining removal process.

You can also spray a residue remover, which is designed to break down the adhesives and may be found at different home improvement stores. You can even use a citrus-based home cleaner. After applying the chemical residue, hold on for about 8 minutes and then wipe away the adhesives using a paper towel. While the two options are non-toxic, you must avoid contact with skin.

Remove the decal from the corners one at a time.

Next, begin by picking at the decal’s corner using your fingernail. Move diagonally toward the opposite corner of the structure. Perhaps we have all done this before. It should, therefore, not be difficult. What may be challenging, though, is the sticker tearing up. You just need to pick another corner and then repeat the steps until all the edges are torn. You should try your best to get as much paper off as you can before the corners end up tearing. Attempt to remove the remaining pieces of paper using your fingernail. Well, you may not be able to get it all off, but that is not a reason to feel bad.

Choose the ideal products to use in the removal process of the decals

There are products out there, which are safe to use on your auto glass. Some of them include rubbing alcohol, acetone, in addition to WD-40. It is highly recommended that you utilize WD-40 since it was manufactured for the removal of decals and products such as stickers and bugs. Being a penetrating type of oil, it will help in softening as well as wiping out any form of unwanted elements. Please take one of these products and then rub it on your decal. Could you leave it to set for one minute?

Purchase a unique razor blade for use

As you let your WD-40 to set in, go ahead and grab a special windshield razor handle and then use it in peeling off the decals. You can always find these razors in a local auto store. While they are also known as razor blades, they aren’t your usual shaving razors. They will not damage the glass if you decide to use them in sticker removal. Perhaps what you really need is to take that special razor blade and then glide it on the sticker as you peel it.

The process should remove the remaining paper as well as glue. If you are dealing with a large decal and have difficulty removing the residue, then you may need to invest in a top-notch stripe eliminator, which is a smooth rubber wheel that easily attaches to a power drill. It can also be used in removing adhesive. The stripe eliminator attachment may be found at your local home improvement store.

Finally, clean your glass properly.

You can now clean the glass as you would clean your car. Use a microfiber cloth in wiping the glass. While sponges, as well as regular rags, might scratch your lens, microfiber cloth has a soft texture, making it safer on your car glass. Ensure that you have cleaned the lenses thoroughly at the end. Rub some alcohol on them in order to remove any stubborn residue. This also keeps your glass in perfect condition. That is all there is to the method you have chosen to use in cleaning decals from your glass. With the right tools as well as products, your car’s glass is going to be clean and then back to the original condition.

Final Thoughts

Decals are great to look at. But it may be a tough removal process, mainly if you have not armed yourself with the proper steps. For decals to solely maintain their hold, then the adhesive you use must be durable. You want to start the installation process by checking the amount of space it is taking up. The estimate should assist you in taking off the decal.